Stomach Snooze

Some people love this position and always sleep like this. It is true that they fall asleep easily when they sleep like this, but this position is not healthy.

Details of this position and alternatives for fast and healthy sleep.

Section 1: Why is the Sleeper's Position bad for you?

Section 2: The dangers of sleeping on your stomach

Section 3: What are the alternatives?

Section 4: Conclusion

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How To Fall Asleep In 30 Seconds: The Sleeper's Position (Not Healthy!)

Section 1: Why is the Sleeper's Position bad for you?

You might notice that laying on your stomach often makes it difficult to turn over in bed or lie on your back. This can leave your spine achy. Rolling over onto your back is difficult for many adults and kids, including those with physical limitations. When you sleep on your stomach, the small joints and ligaments in your neck are flattened out and can break down easily, which can cause your head to drop and your eyes to close. Children often experience sleeping on their stomachs as a result of head or spine trauma, and studies suggest that sleeping on your stomach can cause headaches. Sleeping on your stomach can also change the way you move during the day, leading to muscle imbalances and low back pain.

Section 2: The dangers of sleeping on your stomach

Along with a lot of unpleasant, other health issues can come from sleeping on your stomach. One such issue is an increased risk of serious illness and/or death. Sleep deprivation is linked to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Other health issues include carpal tunnel syndrome, bone and joint pain, gastrointestinal problems, vaginal dryness, and respiratory problems. All of these issues may become worse if you sleep on your stomach. Over the years, I have seen many people who sleep on their stomach. And I have seen a lot of them suffer horrible side effects. Some have even died from contracting illness from the sleeping position. The easiest way to avoid these symptoms is to sleep on your side.

Section 3: What are the alternatives?

Well, not much. (But luckily we found the best sleeping positions for you. You can use the link below for all of them.) Here are three positions you can use to get a good night’s sleep in a very short amount of time. The Spinal Twist Breath the following into your mouth: “You will never be alone. You are not alone. You are loved. You are worthy. You are needed. You are a joy to be around. You can do hard things.” Breathe for four counts and hold. Open your mouth, and breathe in for four counts and hold. You can either follow the breathing instructions from YouTube for the deep breathing or, if you’re feeling a bit more creative, listen to the song or recite the lyric while making your facial expressions. “Two other methods I've tried are the prayer pose, in which you pray the Lord’s Prayer, then twist around and start praying it backward and forward.

Subsection 4: Conclusion

A skilled slumber position will help relax the muscles and breathing in the body, in turn allowing it to relax completely and reach sleep faster.

“A day without a nap is like a cupcake without frosting.”

— Terri Guillemets, 

Quotation Anthologist

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