Sleeping is hard, until you learn how.

The saying goes that we spend a third of our lives sleeping. So, to make sure we get the best quality sleep you can, it's important to maximize your comfort. Here are fifteen ways for you to find your most comfortable position in a double bed and get the rest you need.

Sleeping as a couple has never been easier.

I have researched for a long time for the most suitable sleeping positions for couples. As a result of this research, I publish the best proven couple positions on this site.

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👍The Most Popular Sleeping Positions

Couple Sleeping Positions, Cradle


The cradle (also known as the binky) is an easy, safe and popular position to sleep in. This is not to be confused with the ‘stomach binky’, where your body ends up totally rotated in such a way that you’re essentially on your back with your head in your belly. The top benefit is that it puts the head and heart in the most natural sleeping position, with the most oxygenated blood flowing to the brain. Experts recommend that for babies who sleep through the night from around five months, this is the ideal position to encourage deep sleep.


The Cliffhanger Sleeping Position: The Best Way to Sleep for Rest and Recovery. It's great for those with claustrophobia because it's also called a headboard-hanger. In bed, couples sometimes wake up their other half to be with them, so many bed-sharing couples get to know one another intimately in this position. In this position, you really are essentially sleeping with the wall of your bedroom behind you. If this is not your cup of tea, then try putting the extra comforter around your hips.

Couple Sleeping Positions, Clifhanger
Couple Sleeping Positions, Paper Dools

Paper Dools

The Paper Dolls Position can be effective in preventing sleep paralysis. The position increases airflow around the chest cavity, reduces the risk of heart disease, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and other respiratory issues. It is the best way to improve sexual intercourse because it’s an intimate position that allows for the type of lovemaking both partners enjoy. Sleep paralysis is a sensation experienced by many people during REM sleep, but it's a major annoyance, and can interfere with sleep. Find a spot on the bed with room temperature (but not cold) air on your face. Lie down next to your partner.

Spoon, Loose Spoon and Chasing Spoon

The Chasing Spoon is the most common and comfortable way to sleep with a spoon. The Loose Spoon is a most common sleeping style, for many years. This is suitable for all shapes and sizes as it does not involve any quick movements. The other way is the same thing, but with a little more touch, but you have to open up your legs to place your legs on the bed. This is one of the most popular sleeping styles with the first option being the most preferred option in this case.

Couple Sleeping Positions, Spoon, Loose Spoon and Chasing Spoon
Couple Sleeping Positions, Back to Back, Touching and Not Touching

Back to Back, Touching and Not Touching

The Back-to-Back, Touching and Not Touching Sleeping Positions are different sleeping positions. They are a good sleeping position for someone who enjoys touching and may be comfortable having their face in the air. Cheeks and mouths can be exposed if two people share the same bed but do not touch each other. Cheeky lips and mouths are exposed if you share the "back to back," "touching" or "not touching" sleeping positions are more comfortable for a nursing mom.

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Couple Sleeping Positions, Face to Face, Touching and Not Touching

Face to Face, Touching and Not Touching

A 2005 study found that couples in the touching sleeping position were happy. The Back-to-Back sleeping position puts pressure into the mid-back area. This sleeping position has been associated with lower blood pressure among men and an improvement in sperm quality and success. It is ideal for fertility You can touch, and hold hands at night. It is better for your child. Research has shown that when the couple has this sleeping position, their kids are more likely to reach milestones on time. 


Nearly 1 million people in the U.S. develop shingles each year. Shingles is also called postherpetic neuralgia, and most of the risk factors for postherhergia are the same as those for shingles. Sleeping on your right side keeps the body’s natural blood flow flowing to the right side of your body. This is beneficial to the heart because the vessel is more likely to burn when your airways are blocked. Back pain, fever, stiffness, shoulder or neck pain are some of the less common but more significant complications.

Couple Sleeping Positions, Shingles
Couple Sleeping Positions, Stomach snooze

Stomach Snooze

Sleep deprivation is linked to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Sleeping on your stomach can lead to muscle imbalances and low back pain. The easiest way to avoid these symptoms is to sleep on your side. Here are three positions you can use to get a good night’s sleep in a short amount of time.


Tetherball is a popular floor game played between two players using a wall to help guide the ball. The best thing about the tetherball is its cosy seating. This awkward position is also easier on the hands when you have to throw the ball. Sleep deprivation is linked to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. If your wife or girlfriend falls asleep lying on her back and you like to sleep on your back, one of the best tetherball sleeping positions is for her to sleep. If you're a cuddler and want to keep touching, turn over.

Couple Sleeping Positions, Teetherball
Couple Sleeping Positions, Leg Hug

Leg Hug

Some couples use leg hug for intimacy. It creates an opportunity to touch each other in a comfortable manner. Sleeping with a leg hug partner can be uncomfortable if the pillows are not properly arranged. Another position that is quite common in couples is called “snuggle back” or “Kiss knees” If you have a partner who snores and it is preventing you from sleeping, it is advisable to try this position. It’s important to adopt new sleep habits that help them achieve good sleep.


The Starfish Sleeping Position: The Best Strategy To Fight Snoring is "stretching across the entire bed" The natural curve of the spine curves towards the centre of the bed, which is optimal for comfort. Sleepologist Yvonne Bohn has tried a number of strategies for snoring control: a sleep mask, increasing the room temperature, reclining on a cot or raising the bed's head. Lying on your back, with your legs bent up and your feet close together, the body should be arranged in a starfish shape.

Couple Sleeping Positions, Starfish
Couple Sleeping Positions,Unraveling knot

Unraveling Knot

Unraveling Knot Sleeping Position: How To Fall Asleep Faster. The Tangle applies pressure to your body, which stimulates a variety of receptors. This is a healthier position than the tangle, as it’s equal parts intimate and independent. Sleep deprivation is linked to such ailments as heart disease, hypertension, and mental illnesses, including anxiety and depression. Ineffective sleep patterns have been linked to a number of mental health problems. It's worth looking up additional methods of trying to fall asleep on your own.


In a Tangle, there is no head butts, no neck butts and no leg butts. This is because people who do this with their new partner are so excited that they can't take their hands away from each other to get up for a drink. The reason this position is so popular is that it allows a lot of skin contact. When in the Tangle the couple lies next to each other, clasped together, sharing the same pillow. This allows each partner to snuggle and sleep comfortably, but it also restricts breathing and can cause intimacy issues.

Couple Sleeping Positions, Tangle
Couple Sleeping Positions, Soldier


The soldier sleeping position is preferred because it is similar to lying in the prone position. It may be because there is less movement of the hips during sleep. The position is also associated with cancer, particularly of the breast, skin, lung, head, and bladder. It is thought that in many ways the soldier position is a more comfortable position to sleep in than the normal prone position. For example, the British Army recommends sleeping on your left side to relieve stress on the knees. It’s a good idea to lie on your side with one pillow between your knees and the other pillow on your abdomen.


Best Position for Sleeping Like a Baby: Fetal Sleeping Position. Soldier sleeping position is preferred because it is similar to lying in the prone position. Swinging from side to side is one of the best ways to relieve stress and improve circulation. If you want to try out your favorite sleeping position, try lying flat for 30 minutes before you go to bed. Swinging has a lot of benefits that work on a cellular level. Can relieve back pain. Can help ease sleep apnea. If you're looking to give yourself an even better sleeping experience, now’s the time to try these tips.

Couple Sleeping Positions, Fetal

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